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buy Wana Jewels cannabis edibles from a legit online dispensary use for pain,weight loss,anxiety,depression for sale near me usa uk canada overnight delivery cheap

These hard candy drops come in a bag of 20, and each one has 5 mg of THC. With an assortment of flavors, the ability to control exactly how much THC you get has never been easier. These are the natural and tasty choice for enjoying marijuana.

  • Brand: Wana Edibles
  • Type of Treat: Hard Candy
  • Amount of THC: 100 mg

“Since launching in the Oregon market in July 2016, Wana Brands has successfully positioned itself as a market leader. We attribute this success to our consistency, taste and innovative drive,” noted Nancy Whiteman, co-founder & co-owner of Wana Brands. “We have invested in refining our recipes so that the taste of our delicious products come through, not the taste of medicine, and consumers know they can count on Wana Brands’ consistency.”​

I took a long break from edibles in my cannabis consumption career because I felt like I was never sure what kind of effect they would have on me, and I always seemed to (accidently) over-consume and just get really lethargic. As a consumer who has the option of purchasing legalized cannabis products, the first thing I look for is if the edible is a sativa, indica, hybrid etc so that I know if It is going to keep me going through my afternoon or help me go to bed. Wana Brands products do this perfectly, and the effect they offer is both smooth and predictable because of this.

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10 packs, 20 packs, 30 packs, 40 packs, 50 packs

5 reviews for Buy Wana Jewels Cannabis Edibles Online

  1. kentrell S

    Love all of Wana’s gummies, esp this one. They’ve always been consistent, tasty, effective. This one is nice because there is still 100 mg of THC in the pack, but just supplemented with 200mg of the CBD rather than replaced.

  2. richard

    One of my favorite gummies! They really don’t taste “weed-y” & give me a good night’s rest. I wish they could make them in 50 mg doses…That would be very helpful for medical cannabis patients who need higher doses!
    Thanks for the fast shipping I appreciate

  3. frick george

    These taste amazing and are good for treating insomnia ptsd and anxiety. Highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a great nights sleep!

  4. hillary kate

    Definitely something you want to end your night with! After an hour of consuming I felt really relaxed and peaceful. Went to bed a few hours later and had some of the best sleep I’ve had in a while! Woke up feeling rejuvenated.

  5. tino F

    One of my favorite gummies, these are a must try for anyone.

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