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buy Tangerine kush strain from a legit online dispensary use for pain,sleep,anxiety,depression for sale near me usa uk canada overnight delivery cheap

buy tangerine kush online. Rare Dankness in Colorado named a hybrid they developed after themselves. In more ways than one, it is apt as the Indica Rare Dankness #1 has served as a genetic base for their other strains, many of which went on to become award winners.

And so, in developing Tangerine Kush, one of the ideas was to add a twist not only to its structure but also to its flavors. Some people, in fact, can view it as an alternative or even an enhanced version of Rare Dankness #1. As one that possesses a high amount of THC, it can deliver devastating effects. Soon after toking, the assault begins with an intense high that leaves one on a couch-lock. As such, the mixing of Tangerine Haze genes serves to tone it down.

Tangerine Haze, itself, is a rare hybrid. Its best trait, apart from the aroma, is the genes of Haze, one of the consensus best Sativa plants the world has ever seen.

Tangerine Kush, deviating a little from its predecessors, delivers a clear mind and body high that is not likely to leave one utterly stoned. However, that is not to say that it no longer has the potential. Far from it, the plant still contains as much as 19% THC. Thus, it remains formidable, and users should never take it for granted.

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6 reviews for buy Tangerine kush strain online

  1. admin

    My favorite strain so far. Pushing 30 and having depression,a lot of problem have come up and this helped immensely. I not only get aroused, I’m able to orgasm. I feel good, happy, relaxed, no pain. Highly recommend!

  2. admin

    This is my new favorite strain. i love the uplifting feeling that comes over you as it first kicks in. I’m in an instant good mood and relaxed for the rest of the evening. This is a geeat strain for pain and anxiety.

  3. admin

    Def one of my favorites. You can taste the orange flavor and it smells like oranges it was just delicious! It made me feel very good as well, relaxed and happy. Thanks for the delivery megaonlinebudshop

  4. admin

    I wrote this review after consuming this strain from megaonlinebudshop. Excellent strain right after a long day at work. Dinner was incredible after smoking this citrus flavored bud. 5 stars!

  5. admin

    Smells amazing, tastes even better! Definitely one of my favs.

  6. admin

    Taste: 5/5 Smell: 5/5 Tired: 4/5 High: 5/5 Best grass ive smoked !

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