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buy Sour kush strain from a legit online dispensary use for pain,sleep,anxiety,depression for sale near me usa uk canada overnight delivery cheap

buy sour kush online. DNA Genetics certainly created a super strain that showcases all the good traits of its parents. Sour Diesel bestowed its energetic high. Meanwhile, OG Kush gave its ability to crush tension with its physical relaxation. The result is Sour Kush, an Indica-dominant offspring, that is very popular along the West Coast, Colorado, and Arizona.

Exhibiting a high THC content, Sour Kush is potent and may not be suitable for those new to cannabis use. Veterans, however, find it extremely enjoyable. Although not a half and half hybrid, it offers a mind and body experience that is perfect for daytime smoke out.

If one is lucky to get a stash of this amazingly good variant, do store it in a sealed container as it is very pungent. The weed bears an intense woody aroma very similar to that of OG Kush. Its sourness, on the other hand, can be well attributed to Sour Diesel.

Benefits Sour Kush

Easy to grow and giving good results this strain will ensure a quality harvest while being able to discover phenos and tastes approaching an elite clone.

Why choose sour kush strain

The elite clones being mainly preserved in private circles, it is difficult for all the farmers to acquire them, which is why the meeting of these two strains allows with phenos pulling on the mother to be able to approach the clone elite D ‘ East Coast Sour Diesel and discover this taste become mythical.

How are the sour kush seeds originated:

The Sour’kush is the result of the meeting between an elite clone of East Coast Sour Diesel obtained directly in the United States and our male Pakistan Chitral Kush selected for its color and its resin.

Flowering and growth from Sour kush

The flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks, a consistent stretch of X4 to X5, phenos ranging from green to purple following the dominance of the father or mother giving tastes ranging from powerful diesel to red fruits.

The harvest is plentiful, with large buds well supplied

Medical properties: N.A

CBD content: N.A

THC content: N.A

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4 reviews for buy Sour kush strain online

  1. jefferson brown

    Amazingly, this is also an appetite suppressant for me. I lost 15 lbs the first month using Sour Kush for relief of pain and anxiety. It wakes me up immediately, stops racing thoughts, and provides clarity of mind, too. I’ll recommend and also thanks for the discreet delivery

  2. reiss D

    tried it for the first time this week instant high, creativity went flying, didn’t feel anything but happy and good to go… definitely one of my favorites

  3. denzel G

    This strain is one of my new favorites, very sweet smell yet kinda diesely, lil bit of citrus, lil peppery, and earthy, very smooth smoke out of a bong. Overall would recommend you try this one if you can find it where you live, very enjoyable smoke, helps with body pain as well.

  4. harris

    10/10. The look. The smell. The high. All around it was a hit. I smoked it in a Blue Game. So the taste was very sweat with a dankyyy after taste. The high is a instant bang . 2/3 hints in the blunt and you feel it. The smell is a very kushyyy smell, there no hiding that 😂

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