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buy pink runtz strain is a mysterious cross from the Runtz family. Some believe it to be a phenotype of the original Runtz, which crosses Zkittlez and Gelato. Others have said it to be a cross between Rainbow Sherbert and Pink Panties. While genetics remain to be publicly confirmed, the hype around this strain is already firmly established. The true Pink Runtz comes in an extremely dense structure with dark green-to-purple hues that make a grinder mandatory. The aroma is sweet and fruity, just like the candy, while the high will lift your mind and body for hours and hours.

The Pink Runtz strain gets its name from the sweet. Confection-like scent and taste it produces as well as its colorful appearance. Its scent might remind you of sugary candies since it has a delicious terpene profile that’s sweet, zesty, and flavorful. However, the scent does tend to be faint, emitting a mild aroma.

Buy Pink Runtz Weed Strain Online

Described as a strain that will have you ‘talking to your forehead. This bud brings on the unfocused and giddy effects that will leave you feeling totally out of it and completely happy about it.

The high starts with a rush of cerebral effects. Filling you with a happy sense of high-flying euphoria that immediately pushes out any negative or racing thoughts, replacing them with heady unfocused bliss.

As your mind settles into this buzzy state, a tingle will begin to spread throughout your physical form, leaving you totally relaxed and kicked back, pain-free from head to toe. In combination with its high 23-25% average THC level, these effects give Pink Runtz an edge in treating conditions such has depression, chronic stress or PTSD, mood swings, nausea or appetite loss and chronic fatigue.

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6 reviews for Buy Pink Runtz Strain Online

  1. duane

    Love it! Sweet to taste, ZERO cough..that’s a winner in itself for me- hate to cough.. rich flavor, great buzz- absolute favorite strain right now 👌🏻

  2. deco

    This is the most relaxing strain, Iv’ve ever had the potent taste, and smooth intake, AMAZING clouds, and best of all the emotions you feel with it. My experience was a lot more joyful, euphoric, and tranquil. The best strain i have had this far will cope this again! landai ♡

  3. franco

    Very potent weed. I was very high. I felt happy and very euphoric. Definitely recommend

  4. max

    Strain is amazing. It’s had me feeling great all day. Very relaxed and euphoric high. Buds are a beautiful dark purple and light purple almost pink color taste is amazing. The smell is like a fruity pebbles almost crazy smell. 5/5 stars

  5. orlando

    Great strain left me blown & in chill mode

  6. ricky

    Yo man… I smoke a lot of damn weed… never been so high in my life, pink runtz is the way to go

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