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buy Master kush strain from a legit online dispensary use for pain,sleep,anxiety,depression for sale near me usa uk canada overnight delivery cheap

buy master kush online. Master Kush is a direct product of the Hindu Kush region.  Two landrace varieties were crossed to produce this hybrid which is as much as 95% Indica dominant.  Breeding was the work of famous breeders at the Dutch White Label Seed Company.  This potent Indica was originally given the name High Rise, for the tall building in which the breed was concocted.  Some speculate it is actually a cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk #1, having been bred, tested, and enjoyed for decades in metropolitan Amsterdam. buy master kush online

Master Kush is an Indica strain from the Netherlands. Dutch seed company’s originally named it “High Rise”, but as the years went by it formally became the Master Kush we know and love today.

Also known as MK, the strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk landrace strains. Which exact strains are unknown at the moment, but thanks to cloning, most MK plants are very similar to the original grown Amsterdam.

The popularity of the strain exploded in the early ’90s as it took home back to back strain of the year awards at the Cannabis Cup. Now it’s found all over the world but still regarded as a favourite in the U.S.A.



The scent of Master Kush may not be one of a kind, but it’s citrus and earthy aromas are pleasant. Hints of pepper and an intriguing herbal spice fill the rest of the palate. Flavours stay true to the smell, with the pepper being slightly more pronounced. Regardless if you’re a seasoned smoker or novice, the taste is light and inviting.

The fragrance and flavour of Master Kush aren’t top tiers, yet it’s still won prestigious awards. It can only mean one thing, the effects and benefits are in a league of its own.


Master Kush Effects + Benefits

What sets Master Kush apart is its balance. Within minutes of smoking, the strains body-buzz begins to take hold. It’s not a couch locking strain by any means, but very relaxing and sedating. Physical pain and discomfort wash away, leaving the user forgetful that they were ever in pain.

With the relaxation and sedation comes a good night’s sleep. Master Kush alleviates all traces of insomnia, cruising you into a slumber worthy of the Gods. While grogginess in the morning is

customary with most sleeping aids, MK helps you wake up fresh and ready to face the day.

You might think in exchange for a great body-numbing stone this strain would lack mental effects, but guess again. The beauty of Master Kush is the light cerebral effects. They rid anxiety and depressive states without the typical racing thoughts. People may find their creativity expands as the high progresses.

A word of precaution, or potentially benefit, MK produces the hunger of 10 hippos. If you have any trouble eating, then this is your strain. If an underactive appetite is not an issue for you, be mindful of the munchies!

All in all, MK has changed the lives of many with its complete line of benefits and an easy-going high. Master Kush is the best “baseline strain” that isn’t inebriating, yet curbs pain and mental distress.

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  1. MindTrigger

    This is my default strain lately. It has a very potent but level effect from start to finish, and just tends to take the edge off of things enough so I can relax, enjoy, but still focus on whatever I am doing at the time. I am a casual smoker, so usually it’s the weekend and I am doing things around the house, yard work, etc. I also like this one when I am going to hang out at a bar with friends because it allows me to be “present” and social. Some other strains tend to make me check out too much for that. I can also read some pretty heavy books while using Master Kush, which is nice since I am into all kinds of philosophical subjects. It’s a good one for video games and movies since it doesn’t tend to cause your mind to wander much like other strains do. Medicinally speaking, I suffer from some hereditary depression and anxiety which I have mostly controlled without the use of any drugs at all, thanks to educating myself about the problem. However, there are some days where I wake up and I get some depressive effects and I become quiet, irritable and unmotivated. A small hit of Kush tends to alleviate this for me, and put me in a much better mood. Even once the effect of the weed wares off, I seem to have shaken off the depression I had felt prior.

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