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buy Gorilla Glue weed strain from a legit online dispensary use for pain,sleep,anxiety,depression for sale near me usa uk canada overnight delivery cheap

buy gorilla glue weed online. With the strength of a raging beast, Gorilla Glue #1 charges with an unstoppable force that can put even an ape down. Rounding up a monstrous THC volume of up to 28%, this strain will surely leave a trail of sedative ruin in its wake. Novices and veterans alike are powerless to stop it.

Coming from a troop of heavy-hitting strains, Gorilla Glue #1 emerged in the cannabisscene back at 2016 as a phenotype from its more popular sibling, Gorilla Glue #4. Although both are an offspring of Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel, this little brute produces a smoother aroma and a drowsier high compared to its livelier sister.

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Sharing a lot of Chocolate Diesel’s attributes, it permeates the sweet and pungent notes of grounded coffee. Fittingly enough, subtle hints of sativa stimulate the mind and a small wave of disorienting euphoria rushes through.

Coupled by Chem’s Sister’s cerebral lift, and users are sure to soar high. But while feelings of happiness may last, users are reminded that this is an indica-dominant hybrid as it brings a strong, narcotic-like tranquility. Indeed, this strain acts like a King Kong of the cannabis jungle.


From the first glance at Gorilla Glue #4, it gives off the appearance of a premium cannabis strain. It features dense buds with a light green hue, almost like an unripened lime. Tiny orange hairs and trichomes cover the plant, looking as if it could use a hair cut. Not that you’d want to, because soon as you get your hands on it, the lovely resin from the trichomes stick to your fingers.

GG4 is not recommend for day time use, although the fragrance may state otherwise. Upon inspection, the buds give off a refreshing smell of coffee and chocolate. A pungent perfume ties them together in a way only cannabis could pull off.

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10 reviews for buy Gorilla Glue weed strain online

  1. benjamin

    I love the earthy herbal taste of this strain. helps me relax at the end of the day. I like it smoked and vaped as bud. I’ve bought this strain a few times now for relaxation, pain relief and sleep .

  2. alphonse

    Fuck, I love this strain. It’s relaxes me, I’m creative and everything is alright. One of the best!

  3. ricky

    #1 Favorite of all time.


    If I can only find one strain, this is one of the few that work for all my ails. Kills my pain, lifts my mood & eventually crushes my insomnia. A perfect strain for treating /curing, many health issues – pain & insomnia, being only two of many.

  5. luke

    Definitely a stress free high.. I’m sitting in the park smoking this dank, got me high as shihh.. feeling unwinded… feeling very euphoric for sure… 5/5

  6. bruno

    High up on my favorites list. The taste is out of this world. Thanks for the delivery 📦

  7. bertrand

    Makes me super mellow, relaxed and sleepy.

  8. edison

    Definitely lives up to the name. This strain eats stress for breakfast.

  9. grace

    love this stain Melo’s u out Gives u that happy Feel sweet when u smoke it Pack The Blunt or Raw I’m telling u Good vibes

  10. blair

    Helps me sleep Helps with pain/inflammation Strong

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