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buy god bud online. The word god evokes thoughts of something sacred or extremely powerful. Some may also think of it as divine and heavenly. When it comes to God Bud, it is both. Packing up to 22% THC, it is a potent strain that delivers an exceptional psychedelic high that allowed it to win the 2004 Best Indica of the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Not to be confused with God’s Gift, God Bud is a favorite in Vancouver, British Columbia and down the West Coast. Originally bred Jordan of the Islands, it is a three-way cross between Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and God. Since its release, many other breeders have also developed their versions.

 Cannabis users should not underestimate its potential for devastating effects. Ideally, only veterans should even use it. However, that is not to say that beginners should avoid it completely. Just make sure that only a small amount is used and let it bring one to bliss.

God Bud, originally from Jordan of the Islands, provides large, dense, purple tinged buds. A mix of Hawaiian, Purple Skunk, and the mysterious Canadian strain known only as “God,” this strain produces copious amounts of resin and an almost overwhelming musky-sweet smell. God Bud is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that can give users an almost hallucinogenic high while tasting of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine. This strain was also produced under the name BC God by Canadian outfit BC Bud Depot.

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6 reviews for buy God Bud weed strain Online

  1. admin

    highly recommend best bud to relax with group of friends and jam to music, high grade

  2. admin

    I love this Strain had me thinking I was a god floating on my cloud nine high as high can be u ain’t got nothing on me happy smoking

  3. admin

    A really nice strain for relaxing definitely best smoked at night as it really relaxes you both mentally and physically. Didn’t make me quite as hungry as some strains and didn’t give me a very dry mouth either.

  4. admin

    great bud for relaxation. light up and let your bodies tension disappear. clear minded very little mind change. very little anxiety or anxious nervousness comes from this bud. great for aching body stress relief.

  5. admin

    First order I made from megaonlinebudshop was for this strain. I’ve been struggling with back pain for two years now due to sciatic from a swollen disk. This strain makes almost all my pain disappear.

  6. admin

    Awesome body high. Very relaxing in the evening and it helps all night with pain and sleep. This is my night time medicine.

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