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buy Chemdawg weed strain online dispensary use for pain,sleep,anxiety,depression for sale near me usa uk canada australia overnight delivery cheap

buy chemdawg weed online. Over the years, Chemdawg (also called Chem Dawg) has made a name for itself. It is one of those very potent strains that come with a very intriguing heritage. There are a lot of urban legends and mysterious reports that speak of its origin. Some say that the reason for the vagueness is because the breeders have cultivated it in full secrecy 

 One story that keeps floating around is that a breeder called Chemdog received some unknown buds. It also happened that some of these buds contained seeds, and these were later grown and what became known as Chemdawg. Whatever the buds were, it will never be known. Experts do seem to agree that the original strain likely originated from a Thai and a Nepalese landrace strain.  

Nowadays, the original strain may no longer exist. Instead, there are several breeders and seed banks with their variants. Regardless, Chemdawg is often cited as one of the parents in two prominent families of lineages – Diesel and OG.  

It is likely that the true origin of Chemdawg may never be known. If anything, its mysterious past makes for a good conversation during sessions. Nevertheless, it has certainly made its mark in the market especially in the medical cannabis community.  

 Chemdawg has very high THC levels. As such, many people and especially the beginners are caught off guard even with only a couple of tokes. Besides being highly potent, it is also noted for its pungent aroma.

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8 reviews for buy Chemdawg weed strain online

  1. gabriel

    Great for relieving anxiety. COVID-19 is all the news. With this strain, I’m not anxious and am now laughing at my laughing.

  2. sergio

    Good for sleep and waking up like a relaxed hangover, the high is very giggles and bright headed high that will make you reach for the future like somebody high off morphine

  3. garry

    Solid strain. gives me a nice “up” feeling. good for a after work unwind without putting you to sleep

  4. boris

    This is one of my faves. Euphoria and good head tingles and trippy visuals.

  5. cedric

    Great daytime and nighttime strain

  6. briana

    Chemdog feels like a nice warm blanket has been wrapped around you. Things will be ok, you somehow feel. You’re relaxed. Sleepy, but not troublingly so. Feeling creative. Slows down anxious thoughts. Don’t oversmoke this one.

  7. shane

    One of my all time favorite strains. I love to roll a joint of this while unwinding should home. It’s perfect for stress and anxiety relief.

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